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Game Design Course

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
October–December 2021
Application period:
August 23 – September 12, 2021
Free course, part-time (10 hrs/wk)
Additional info:
Classes are held three times a week in the evening.
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Read the course description and requirements
Fill out the application
Complete the test task
Be patient: Responses are to be expected after up to two weeks from the moment applications close

This course is meant for undergrads and grad students with no work experience.

Our experts will teach you the best practices of game design and give you the opportunity to become part of the Wargaming team. You’ll gain theoretical and practical knowledge in game design that you won’t find in any book, all based on the detailed study and analysis of real cases and examples from the gaming industry. In addition, your mentors will tell you how games are conceived and developed, share their own experiences, and teach you how to think like a professional game designer.

What will you do?

  • Learn the history of the gaming industry, the evolution of games and genres, and the basics of game design
  • Learn about player behavior: their types, emotions, psychology, and expectations
  • Touch upon narrative design
  • Learn about the creation process of game levels, what level design is and its basic components, and the approach to in-game locations design
  • Learn the integration and collaboration specifics of game design within the work processes of PM, UX, Art, PDM, Dev, and QA

What are we looking for?

  • Passion for gaming, interest in current gaming trends, knowledge of various game mechanics and projects on the market
  • Extensive gaming experience in projects of different genres
  • Good verbal and written skills in Russian, well-developed logical thinking, ability to articulate thoughts in a structured and coherent manner
  • High learning ability

What will help you stand out?

  • Knowledge of Wargaming products
  • Good interpersonal skills and high emotional intelligence
  • English proficiency at an intermediate level and above
  • Desire to work at Wargaming and grow in game design

Meet your mentors:

Sergey Stolnikov

System Designer

Sergey Stolnikov
Sergey Stolnikov

System Designer

Started out as a programmer but has been working in game design for over eight years. He now works on developing clan modes and events in WoT, as well as prototyping and modeling.
Short bio

Anton Mezentsev

Game Designer

Anton Mezentsev
Anton Mezentsev

Game Designer

Has spent seven years in game design and actively combines the roles of Game Designer and Feature Owner at Wargaming. He specializes in game events and the development of complex mechanics for them.
Short bio

Aleksandr Soloveyko

Tech Design Lead

Aleksandr Soloveyko
Aleksandr Soloveyko

Tech Design Lead

Head of the Technical Design department working on Artificial Intelligence systems with 20 years in the industry and extensive experience at the junction of game design and programming.
Short bio

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Beyond words: their voice, their truths

One should not go into game development without a love for games. At the same time, love alone isn't enough. WG Forge is the bridge that allows you to make your way to your desired profession.

System Designer
Course 2021
Nataliya Grabova


What courses do we offer?

Past courses include Gameplay Development, Analytics, QA, UX/UI Design, 2D/3D Design, Motion Design, and Visual Effects, but are not limited to this.

Who can participate in the courses?

We invite students, recent graduates, and reskilled specialists who have decided to change their career paths and have studied either through non-formal courses or on an individual basis.

Participants can partake in courses from anywhere in the world. However, if they show good results and are invited for an internship, they should be able to do so onsite in either Czech Republic, Lithuania, or Nicosia.

Please note that while we are excited to sponsor candidates for future training course cohorts, we will not be able to sponsor right-to-work in the key locations mentioned.

What do we expect from applicants?

Motivation, eagerness to learn, good English language skills, and enthusiasm for working in a game dev company.

Do we ask for experience?

Sometimes. To complete the test task and pass the selection for certain courses, you will need some technical skills and experience.

When do the courses start?

We organize courses twice per year—in fall and spring.

For fall, the application period starts at the end of August or early September, with the courses starting in October.

For spring, the application period starts in February, with the courses starting in March.

How long do the courses last?

They last 2.5–3 months.

What to expect?

Experienced trainers, supportive classmates, top-notch training, practical tasks, community building activities.

Do I have to pay for the course?

Our training courses are free of charge but of limited access. After you graduate from the training course, you can apply for a paid internship at Wargaming.

When and where are the courses?

Courses are organized online. Some classes are recorded, and participants can view them at a convenient time. There are also live online meetings with trainers organized in the evenings (Central or Eastern European time). You would be expected to devote 10 to 15 hours per week to studying the material and completing the homework.

What does the selection process look like?

It depends on the courses, but it normally includes filling out the application form, a homework task, and a video interview or call with the recruiter or experts, if needed.

What happens after the courses?

By the end of a course, the best-performing participants will get an offer from us to join an internship program, so keep up the good work, and we will make sure you keep growing with us!

Also, note that even if you do not get an internship offer after the course, you can still be part of the community through the Alumni club (link to more info). We constantly keep in touch with our alumni, organize extra knowledge-sharing sessions, and share recent company news and relevant job offers.

Do I need to provide a cover letter?

It is optional. Also, check the application form first—there might already be some motivational questions. If there aren’t any, your cover letter will most often take the shape of a video interview on the platform.

How many courses can I apply for?

If you think you can be a UX/UI designer, 3D artist, and software engineer all at once, sure, no limit there. But please, have reasoning prepared as to why you applied to each specific course.

When should I expect a reply?

You should get some sort of reply in up to ~2 weeks after finalizing your course registration. If you did not, check first whether our email did not get lost in your spam. If still nothing, feel free to ping us!

Have any questions?

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