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Quality Assurance Course

Belgrade, Vilnius
Duration: 8 weeks
October–December 2023
Online (pre-recorded lectures / online feedback-sessions)
Application period:
September 4–27, 2023 (until 12:00 UTC+3)
Free course in English
Additional info:
7 hrs/wk for classes, feedback sessions, and tests
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We invite talented students, university graduates, and young professionals with or without experience who want to change career paths by joining our QA course and pursuing their careers in the gaming industry. 

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how quality is ensured in-game and web projects, what testing is, the types of testing there are, and when and how it is performed. A rich study program in the form of video lectures, live group feedback sessions, and tests await you. 

The next step of the study program is the paid offline internship in Belgrade and Vilnius. If you land that, you will gain practical game and web project testing knowledge. You will also get a chance to become a part of the international Wargaming team. 

What will you learn?

Our course covers manual testing. As part of this course, you will learn the following: 

  • What Quality Assurance (QA) is and its purpose within software development 
  • The specifics of working with test documentation 
  • The life cycle of software development, and how quality assurance is integrated into it 

The training within this internship is focused on game testing and is built on game examples. You will acquire the basic skills required to work as a QA Engineer and perform quality assurance at every stage of game and web application development. You will learn how games and web applications are designed at the engineering and technical levels and how this affects their testing approaches. 

What are we looking for?

  • Attention to details 
  • High level of trainability 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Motivation to develop a career in QA field in gaming industry 
  • English working proficiency 





Meet your mentors:

Andrey Shevel

QA Manager

Andrey Shevel
Andrey Shevel

QA Manager

Andrey has been working at Wargaming for over 10 years. He started as a Junior Specialist and rose through the ranks to become a QA Manager. Since the launch of the WG Forge QA program, Andrey has organized and developed the training and acts as a mentor. He's so dedicated that he won the Mentor Award and Special Award for his contribution to the development of WG Forge. Andrey has an MSc in Physics and Mathematics. Before moving into QA, he worked as a junior researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, growing nanotubes without his supervisor's knowledge. He loves extreme sports, including jumping off curbs, not holding onto handrails on the subway, and not wearing a hat in the winter.
Short bio

Pavel Maleyeu

QA Director

Pavel Maleyeu
Pavel Maleyeu

QA Director

Pavel Maleyeu is the QA Director in WoT Belgrade. He has 10 years of engineering expertise. Pavel graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University as an economist and joined Wargaming as Junior QA Specialist in 2013 with an enormous desire to create exceptional games. He has great experience in managing QA team in Core stream, which is responsible for delivering lots of key gameplay features for our players in WoT. His experience in establishing QA discipline in the Kyiv studio with three different teams turned him into a successful mentor and a team leader. Pavel is fond of football - he plays football, watches football, and always eager to learn more about this particular sports game.
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Alexander Shenderovich

QA Director

Alexander Shenderovich
Alexander Shenderovich

QA Director

Alexander Shenderovich, QA Director, the driving force and last line of defence for World of Tanks. His team works tirelessly to ensure that every update released meets the highest quality and performance standards. Over 13 years in QA Alexander grew all the way from Junior QA to Director QA at Wargaming in World of Tanks. In 2020, he received a Special Award within the WoT Masters Awards for his contribution to the development of the Wargaming Forge program. He also owns a cat that he named after the protagonist of Ori and The Blind Forest. Alexander also loves popular science and easily jumps into the study of any new topic.
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Is the course free?

Yes, the course is free of charge.

What awaits you after the completion of the course?

The best graduates will be offered a paid offline internship in Belgrade and Vilnius.

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