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31 May — 30 August
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Wargaming Forge International is a 3-month paid internship within a pioneer of the free-to-play gaming industry. Apply now to contribute to first-class, large-scale game titles while promoting them across the globe—and beyond as we collaborate with the International Space Station from time to time.

We seek an ambitious university graduate (or a senior year student) with (or about to receive) a relevant degree—in producing or project management—and eager to enter the magical and enticing world of video production. We deliver creative and non-standard projects of varying complexity to promote our company’s games, and we’ll welcome someone who will add their potential and unique cultural insight to our strengths.

Manage and direct the production team. Thrive both as a creative and organizing force.

Working as a creative producer, you'll oversee the production of all types of video content featuring gameplay, CG, and live action, harnessing both your creative perks and organizing skills to the maximum. You will manage a team of creative producers, directors, and screenwriters, and ensure that the final product is novel and of a superb quality. Don’t be afraid of the responsibility—we’ll back you up and help you along the way.


-   Basic knowledge of video production

-   Basic knowledge of editing, direction, and screenwriting

-   Basic knowledge of video and internet marketing

-   Experience leading a team

-   Keen interest to video games and games industry

-   Teamwork skills

-   Eagerness to learn and to share

Alexey Zhdanovich
Film Producing Team Lead

A seasoned manager & video production expert, Alexey leads a team of creative producers, directors and screenwriters that create various types of content, including staged, gameplay-based, and full CG videos. 

How to Apply
Complete the test tasks
Attach the tasks to the special application form by 10 march 2019. We will take a look at your application and respond in due course.
Accept our invitation
If you’ve got what we’re looking for, we will send you an official invitation to join the team as an intern.
Move to Minsk
You’re all set! Time to pack your bags & get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Once you arrive, our shuttle will meet you at the airport and take you to our corporate apartment, where you can stay for up to a month while you’re looking for a place of your own. Rock it!
Your benefits

- Full salary

- A relocation bonus

- Coverage of all costs including the visa, tickets and insurance

- Full assistance for registering in Belarus

- A corporate apartment for a month

- Support while looking for your own place

Why Minsk?

Minsk is a modern city, with an impressing historical appearance and young heart. It’s green, spacious and full of light in the day and neon at night.

Business-wise, it is one of the biggest booming global IT hubs of recent years and is progressively known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe”.

A First-Hand Experience
"I relocated from Paris to Minsk and with the help of the team, all the complicated documents — such as my work visa — were sorted for me. Everything was made that bit easier as the team organized my flights and sorted me out with a corporate flat.
By working here, you’ll get to meet experts in different fields, expand your horizons — both in and outside of work — and leave your mark on our world-renowned games. Being part of Wargaming Minsk is great as no day is the same and we all pitch together to tackle tasks of varying complexity."

– James Birtles, Senior English Copywriter & Advisor


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