Early Career Programs in Europe and APAC

Wargaming Forge believes educating the next generation of gaming industry professionals is essential to ensure continued success.

If you’re passionate about tech, our early career programs are made just for you! We always seek highly motivated individuals who want to intern in Europe and APAC.

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WG Forge provides a range of internship, traineeship, apprenticeship, and other types of offers in Europe and APAC for talented people to complete a unique, first-class early career programs at a large international game development studio. At WG Forge, you can learn on the job from top-notch experts while gaining hands-on experience and taking the first step of your game development career.

Our early career programs are the ideal match for IT students, recent graduates, and people of any age and specialization who have decided to change their career paths. Our top requirements are to be highly motivated, have good English language skills, and be passionate about tech!

Our early career opportunities are available in various European and APAC countries, including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. To find the programs that best suit your interests and goals, it is essential to look into which are provided in each country.


How can I apply for an early career program?

You should head to the page of any early career program in which you are interested, apply, complete the test task, pass the interview, and finally, wait for the reply!

Paid or unpaid?

We only provide paid early career contracts (internships, traineeships, apprenticeships, working students, etc.).

What is the duration of the early career contract?

It depends on the early career program itself. Usually, our standard program duration is up to 6 months.

What qualities are required for an early career in WG Forge?

Motivation, eagerness to learn, good English language skills, and enthusiasm for developing games.

Do graduates of the early career programs get offered a job in Wargaming?

Of course! By the end of the program, the highly performing participants will get an offer to join Wargaming, so keep on a good job, and we will make sure you keep growing with us!

Also, note that even if you do not get a job offer after the early career program, you can still be part of the community through the Alumni Club. We constantly keep in touch with our alumni, organize extra knowledge-sharing sessions, and share recent company news and relevant job offers.

Can I combine the internship with studies at university?

Yes! We are flexible and happy to discuss how many hours per week you would like to work, taking into account the Labour Law requirements of each location and your study schedule. In most of the locations, we expect interns to be able to devote 20 hours per week to the internship.

Will I be involved in a real-world project during the early career program?

Yes, of course! It’s the main advantage of our early career programs. You will learn from top-notch experts and get experience working on big projects.

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