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Community Management Internship

Prague, Czech Republic
6 months
Paid, 20 hrs/wk
Candidates should be eligible to work in the Czech Republic (EU nationals and individuals holding a valid work/study visa).
Ongoing Ongoing
Read the program description and requirements
Fill out the application form
Pass interview with recruiter
Pass the test
Pass team panel interview
Be patient: responses take up to 2 weeks after the application deadline

Join our team of passionate gamers as we prepare, execute, and evaluate a major playtest for our in-development, live-service, third-person shooter game. As a Community Management Intern, you’ll be at the forefront of engaging with our player base during crucial alpha-stage playtests. Integrated within our flat organizational structure, you’ll gain insights directly from industry veterans, using your gaming enthusiasm for professional growth. You will dive deep into player interactions, feedback collection, and contribute to the shaping of our gaming community.

What will you learn?  

  • Industry Insights: Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the gaming industry, decision-making processes and strategies used to attract, engage and retain players. 
  • Direct Engagement: Interact firsthand with our passionate player base, ensuring their voices are heard and valued. 
  • Playtest Participation: Dive into the core of gaming by participating in valuable playtests, both internal and external. Contribute your own expertise to the product and learn how to provide actionable feedback. 
  • Mentorship & Skill Refinement: Learn under the guidance of seasoned professionals, honing your communication, collaboration, and community engagement techniques. 
  • Platform Mastery: Master the advanced features of Discord, the most popular modern platform for gamers, enhancing your tech-savviness and adaptability. 
  • Feedback Analysis: Develop the crucial skill of translating raw player feedback into actionable insights, serving as a vital link between the player community and our game developers. 
  • Creative Initiative: Conclude your internship by designing and implementing a unique initiative aimed at amplifying player engagement and community involvement. 

What are we looking for? 

  • A genuine enthusiasm for gaming, reflecting an understanding of its significance within our industry. 
  • Strong communication skills to effectively liaise with the game community and our internal teams. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively within diverse teams. 
  • Familiarity with community management tools, particularly Discord. 
  • An appreciation and understanding of cultural differences, crucial when interacting with a global player base. 
  • Analytical competencies to derive meaningful insights from community feedback and data, aiding our engagement strategies. 
  • Ability to efficiently communicate in English

What will help you stand out? 

  • A foundational understanding of digital tools and platforms beyond Discord, which can aid in streamlining community management tasks;
  • Ability to handle potential community-related crises or conflicts in a calm, timely, and effective manner; 
  • Awareness of current trends within the gaming industry, ensuring alignment with community interests and queries;  
  • Proficiency in French, German, or Spanish will be an advantage;
  • Live streaming experience will be a benefit.

Meet your mentors:

Dan Tanasescu

Publishing Director

Dan Tanasescu
Dan Tanasescu

Publishing Director

For those with an eye on the broader gaming landscape, Dan Tanasescu's career is a testament to versatility. Beginning with Ubisoft as a Digital Marketing Manager, he honed skills that paved his way to Wargaming. From handling product marketing for World of Warships to steering global marketing initiatives, Dan’s adaptability has been key. His role, now as the Publishing Director since September 2023, is a testament to continuous learning and adapting in a dynamic industry. If your interests bridge gaming passion with marketing curiosity, Dan’s trajectory provides a roadmap of possibilities in the gaming world.
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Luke Nicholls

Head of Player Interactions

Luke Nicholls
Luke Nicholls

Head of Player Interactions

Luke Nicholls began his decade-long career at Wargaming in customer support, providing him with invaluable insights into player needs and concerns. As he progressed to community management, he played a pivotal role in establishing live streaming initiatives for World of Warships. His hands-on experience in organizing live events and his initiative in building the World of Warships e-sports from the ground up, particularly focusing on community involvement, gives him a unique insight into online audiences. Presently, he is leading the community efforts for our new game, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his diverse roles.
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Application period:

November 9 - December 4, 2023

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