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Software Engineering Role

July 18 – December 18, 2022
Application period:
May 2 – June 15, 2022
Remunerated, part-time (20 hrs/wk)
Additional info:
Preference will be given to candidates eligible to work in the Czech Republic (EU nationals and individuals holding a valid work/study visa).
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Complete the test task and pass the interview
Be patient: Responses are to be expected after up to three weeks from the moment applications close

As a Software Development intern, you’ll receive mentorship and guidance from experienced developers as you progress through various new in-game features. You’ll have plenty of time to learn which tools, technologies, and processes we use when working on gameplay or front-end development and how to apply them in your day-to-day work. Your mentors will also provide instruction on basic to advanced programming techniques, emphasizing performance and memory optimization.

What will you learn?

  • Source code management using version control systems
  • Development environments configuration
  • Coding in Python, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Game code debugging
  • Code optimization
  • Unit test writing
  • Development processes and pipelines

What are we looking for?

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • English working proficiency
  • Gaming interest

What will help you stand out?

  • Portfolio of game projects you previously worked on
  • Portfolio of personal or school projects
  • Link to GitHub account
  • Knowledge of more than one programming language (please provide a list)

Meet your mentors:

Prabashwara Seneviratne

Senior Game UI Developer

Prabashwara Seneviratne
Prabashwara Seneviratne

Senior Game UI Developer

A front-end developer with over five years of experience building mobile and web apps using React and React Native. He's worked primarily with GameFace and React within Wargaming to build in-game UIs for World of Tanks. He's also taken part in several web services projects to build in-game and external web applications.
Short bio

Tomáš Reichmann

Senior Game UI Developer

Tomáš Reichmann
Tomáš Reichmann

Senior Game UI Developer

Tomáš started his career in IT as a lecturer in 2002, moved to graphic and web design in 2004, and ended up specializing in front-end development in 2014—more specifically, React since 2016. He started working for Wargaming in 2020, where he has since been making UIs for World of Tanks in React and Typescript.
Short bio

Michal Bartoň

Engineering Manager

Michal Bartoň
Michal Bartoň

Engineering Manager

Working in game development for more than 14 years, Michal has helped develop games like Mafia II and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Primarily focused on engine development in C++ and specializing in UI frameworks, he moved to Python in recent years and worked on several gameplay features for World of Tanks.
Short bio

Maksim Kostyukovets

Technical Director

Maksim Kostyukovets
Maksim Kostyukovets

Technical Director

A software engineer with 15 years of experience, eight of which have been spent with Wargaming. Maksim started as a Server Python Developer and then became a Technical Director. He's developed a variety of features in Python, mainly on the server side. He's also familiar with the World of Tanks server infrastructure and how it works with high loads.
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What internships do we offer?

Our internships include unique disciplines related to:

  • Game dev – 2D/3D Art, Tech Art, Gameplay Development, LiveOps, etc.
  • Classic software development – Quality Assurance, Front End Development, Back End Development, Analytics, Data Science, etc.
  • Business – Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Is it only for students?

No! We invite students, recent graduates, and reskilled specialists who have decided to change their career paths and have studied either through non-formal courses or on an individual basis.

Do we ask for experience?

No! It might be a plus but definitely not a requirement.

What do we expect from applicants?

Motivation, eagerness to learn, good English language skills, and enthusiasm for developing games.

Do I need to provide a cover letter?

It is optional. Also, check the application form first—there might already be some motivational questions. If there aren’t any, your cover letter will most often take the shape of an interview with a recruiter.

When do we hire?

We have two cycles aligned with the academic year—summer and winter.

For summer, the application period starts in March–April, with the internships starting in June–July.

For winter, the application period starts in November–December, with the internships starting in February.

How long do the internships last?

They usually last 6 months, with expectations of ones lasting 4 to 5 months.

How many internships can I apply for?

If you think that you can be a marketing expert, 3D artist, and software engineer all at once, sure, no limit there. But please, have reasoning prepared as to why you applied to each specific internship because you will only get hired for one of them.

Where do we hire?

Our primary locations are Prague (Czech Republic), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Nicosia (Cyprus), but we also have opportunities in Berlin (Germany), Guildford (UK), Chicago (USA), and Austin (USA). Note that you should be present and be able to work in the location where you apply.

Can I work remotely?

Depends on the team, but interns are most often expected to attend the office at least a couple of days per week. This is because we believe in chemistry and synergy shared onsite when people work side by side.

When should I expect a reply?

You should get some sort of reply in up to 1 week after submitting your application. If you did not, check first whether our email did not get lost in your spam. If still nothing, feel free to ping us!

What to expect?

Experienced mentors, supportive colleagues, top-notch training, real projects, community building activities. Oh, and did we mention it is remunerated?!

Can I work flexible hours?

Yes! We are flexible and happy to discuss how many hours per week you would like to work, taking into account your study schedule if needed. Although, we expect interns to be able to devote at least 20 hours per week to the internship.

What does the hiring process look like?

It depends on the internship, but it normally includes a call with the recruiter, a homework task, and an interview with the hiring manager and other team members, if needed.

What happens after the internship?

By the end of the internship, the best-performing interns will get an offer to join Wargaming, so keep on a good job, and we will make sure you keep on growing with us!

Also, note that even if you do not get a job offer after the internship, you can still be part of the community through the Alumni club (link to more info). We constantly keep in touch with our alumni, organize extra knowledge-sharing sessions, and share recent company news and relevant job offers.