5 Sep, 2022

Wargaming Forge Opens Online Quality Assurance Course in Europe

Wargaming Forge Opens Online Quality Assurance Course in Europe

Applications for the online QA course are open. Apply now!

September 5, 2022 — Being a part of one of the key players in the gaming industry is a dream for many, but it doesn’t always become a reality. However, it can now! We are launching an immersive early-career QA training course in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Cyprus based on our already established Wargaming Forge career initiative, which allows talented individuals—be they early career talents or reskilled professionals—and those looking to get into the industry to learn and master their skills under the guidance of best-in-class industry leaders, and our premier course will teach budding applicants the basics of QA. An already popular initiative in our offices in Prague and Cyprus, we have used all our experience and adjusted the program to best fit the local market. The Wargaming Forge program has been a success: 90% of the interns brought in through the program have gone on to join us full-time.

The success of Wargaming Forge shows how we can have an impact on our own regional game development sphere, as well as on the international level,” states Mantas Katinas, General Manager, Wargaming Vilnius. “With this educational program, we can help shape the future of gaming and bolster the industry within Lithuania by training those who are looking to get into their dream career. And this the QA course is just the beginning.

For the first time, our World of Tanks development team is opening its doors, albeit virtually, to those looking to learn all about manual QA (Quality Assurance) and its importance and specificity in the games industry as part of their Wargaming Forge program.  If you’re successful, you’ll be enrolled on an intensive course which might just be your first step into a wonderful career. The best, and most important, thing: you don’t even need any knowledge of QA; you just need to be eager and ready to learn.

“It’s great that the local community has the opportunity to start working in a global company and gain experience from industry experts,” states Viktoriya Gridneva, Head of the Wargaming Forge program. “For those who are interested, applying might just be the first step of a promising career. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of school or college or are just looking for a change of pace, everyone’s welcome on the Wargaming Forge courses. This year we have ambitious plans to scale our early-career programs across numerous disciplines and products,” added Viktoriya.

Taught under the wings of mentors, the QA course will detail what exactly QA is and how it’s used in software development, the specifics of working with test documentation, and how QA is integrated into the lifecycle of software development. As a result, those who complete it will have all the knowledge needed to work as QA Engineers. Additionally, successful graduates will be offered the opportunity to go further with Wargaming, which could result in your chance to join the company on a permanent basis and, ultimately, make your mark on a game played by millions worldwide.

“Wargaming Forge is a great opportunity to get a ticket to your dream profession,” states Konstantin Petukh, Wargaming Forge graduate, who now works as a QA Engineer at Wargaming Vilnius. “A friendly atmosphere, interesting practical tasks, mentors and coaches who are in touch with reality, and true professionals with relevant knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, a sense of humor.”

If you’re ready to turn your passion into a career, you can apply to join the course here https://bit.ly/3ALIMOe, as well as find more details about the program. Applications will be open from September 5th to 26th until 12:00 UTC+3.