Internships in Lithuania (Vilnius) for IT Students

Are you looking to gain practical experience in the gaming industry and work alongside leading professionals? Wargaming Forge offers exceptional opportunities for internships in Lithuania.

If you’re interested in starting your career in the gaming industry, you can become a Wargaming intern in Vilnius and gain practical experience in the gaming industry! You’ll also have the exciting opportunity to become part of the Wargaming team in Lithuania.


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Wargaming’s internship programs in Lithuania are the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your career!
The Wargaming hub in Vilnius is located in the city center’s modern business district. Set in a rapidly expanding area of the capital, the stylish studio has already become a new working place for several hundred employees.

Lithuania is a country with a growing gaming industry, making it an ideal destination for gamedev enthusiasts seeking practical experience in the field. An internship in Lithuania will allow you to gain hands-on experience, build your network, and work with experts in the industry.

We provide a variety of internship offers in Vilnius, including engineering, design, marketing, and others. We have a lot going on here, so make sure to check out our programs at every opportunity to discover one that matches your interests and goals.


How can I apply for an internship?

You should head to the page of any internship offers in Vilnius in which you are interested, apply, complete the test task, pass the interview, and finally, wait for the reply!

Are internships paid?

Sure! We only provide paid internships.

What is an intern career path?

By the end of the internship, the best-performing interns will get an offer to join Wargaming, so keep on a good job, and we will make sure you keep growing with us!

Also, note that even if you do not get a job offer after the internship, you can still be part of the community through the Alumni Club. We constantly keep in touch with our alums, organize extra knowledge-sharing sessions, and share recent company news and relevant job offers.

Which languages should I know to apply for an internship?

We’re accepting English speakers as far as it is the primary language in our offices worldwide.

What degree/diploma/certification should I get to apply for an internship?

It doesn’t really matter! What matters is your passion for developing games, eagerness to learn and motivation.

How much time does an applicant have to wait for feedback?

You should get a reply within 1-2 weeks after submitting your application. If you didn’t receive it on time, check whether our email didn’t get lost in your spam. Also, feel free to ping us!

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