19 Jan, 2023

Five Creative CVs That Will Get You Hired

When trying to wow a recruiter, your CV can be the ace up your sleeve. Your CV serves as a strong marketing tool that can make you stand out from the competition in a matter of seconds. A perfectly executed CV can highlight your unique skills and experience, increasing your chances of being invited for an interview.

There are many creative CVs out there, and it can be difficult to impress. However, to lend you a hand, we’ve compiled a top five list of the most creative CVs that will surely amaze even the toughest recruiter.   

1. The Video CV: Create a short video to introduce yourself and showcase your skills and personality. Here’s one of the best examples – Mark’s CV, a well-balanced mix of fun and formal:

Sean pushed the creative boundaries even further and created a video CV featuring his Lego persona:

2. The Infographic CV: Use graphics, charts, and other visual elements to represent your skills, career milestones, and personal brand. Infographics are shorter than a normal CV, simpler, but more captivating by organizing important information in a compelling way.

One candidate created an astonishing periodic table with information about himself, while others have produced a cereal box or a chocolate bar with personal and professional facts (chocolate included, much to the delight of the recruiters):

Source: Rob Gough, Matthew Hirsch, Victor Rodriguez 

3. The CV Pack: Starting with a creative gift (like the chocolate bar CV above) or a fun personalized merch item, you can create a physical promotional “recruiter’s” pack and mail it to your dream employer (assuming you’re in the same city or country). You may add your CV and portfolio printed on any material that serves your purpose: paper, wood, textiles etc. Go wild! These are tangible CVs that are meant to be touched and explored, rather than just read.

Source: Giuliano Rusciano, Anisha Chua

4. The Interactive CV: This kind of CV can utilize web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an interactive and engaging experience for the reader.

Robby went the extra mile and created his CV as a video game. One can interactively travel through the four levels of his life and find out more about him.

Source: Robby Leonardi

5) The Personal Website: Creating a website to use as a CV can be a great way to display your abilities and achievements to potential employers or even clients. A personal website can also serve as a professional online presence and help you stand out in a crowded job market.

Choose a domain name that’s professional and reflects your personal brand. Start by creating a homepage that introduces yourself and gives a brief overview of your background and skills. Then, create separate pages for your education, work experience, and any other relevant information you want to include, such as awards or publications. Add media: include any relevant images, videos, or other media to present your work or help to tell your story.

For instance, Pierre created his website as a video game menu screen, including objectives, missions, and weapons:

Source: Pierre Rogers

Bonus: Take a look at this IT guy’s CV – here is a Google search that will do the trick!

Source: Eric Gandhi

A little piece of advice from the Wargaming recruiters:

Never forget that your CV should be a good balance of both creative and professional. Keep in mind that while your creativity may be stunning, your personal information and qualifications should be accurately, relevantly, and methodically presented.

Accuracy is an important aspect of a CV because it demonstrates your attention to detail and credibility as a candidate. Additionally, relevance and clarity are also crucial for making sure that your CV is effective, and you must tailor the format and content to the job requirements. Be rigorous and well-organized, honest and credible – make a first good impression, that of an excellent professional! But a fun professional with joy, vision and a certain spark!

All things considered, be sure that a both memorable and relevant CV can provide employers with the confidence they need to hire you and invest in your future. Good luck!