23 Aug, 2021

Wargaming Forge Interns in Prague share their impressions about the program and how they feel at Wargaming

Wargaming Forge Interns in Prague share their impressions about the program and how they feel at Wargaming

Wargaming Forge’s primary focus is to help the next generation of gaming professionals succeed in their careers through education. Learn more about our program and its opportunities in the interview below from our interns – Allison Simpson (the United States), QA Engineer, and Daniel Cervinka (the Czech Republic), 3D Artist, at Wargaming Prague.

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Why did you decide to take part in this particular program?

Allison: “Actually, I was already interested in working for Wargaming, and was already watching out for opportunities at the company. I did not really see any opportunities that fit me for some time, and I was looking for some work to switch into the IT sector from my previous job. Then, I saw the internship, and I thought it was really…perfect!”

Daniel: “Well, I’ve known about Wargaming for a while. I’ve been playing their games in my spare time. I guess I can say our games, now that I get to work at Wargaming- which is very exciting for me [laughter].

“I knew that I would need to have an internship for someone to show me more things in game development. Since I live near Prague, it was the perfect opportunity to try. Due to the pandemic, it has made travel quite difficult, so it was perfect to have the internship near my home and start working with professionals.”

What are your impressions about the internship, your team, your colleagues, and mentors, and how’s it going?

Allison: “It’s been going really well, I’ve really learned a lot. Like I said, I didn’t really come from a tech background, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to understand how to do the things that I would need to for QA, but it was really good from the beginning. I learned a lot of things that I hadn’t known about before, so even though I didn’t really have that strong of a background, I learned enough that I was able to complete my tasks. So, it’s been really good for me, and I’ve really enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun tasks as well. Some of them are a little bit difficult, but my mentor has been really great. Everyone’s really helpful, answers all my questions, and is always very supportive. I’ve had a really great time!”

Daniel: “It’s amazing. We started at home, and it was initially kind of hard for me during the onboarding process since I wasn’t interacting with the team much. When we started getting in touch and doing things together, it was cool. Then, when we were able to go into the office, and since then it has been even more amazing. In the office, there are a lot of people around, the team members are really helpful, the leads are amazing, and they help us with everything. They do all they can.”

What did you like the most during this internship?

Daniel: “I like the sense of community at Wargaming. The mentors actually get together to spend time with each other. They took us in as a part of the team, even though we are interns. The whole community here is amazing. The two months creating our project was incredible. We were in a team with other interns, and we made a really great project which is out right now, so you will probably get to see it.”

What kind of knowledge and skills did you gain? And how will your Forge experience help you in your career?

Allison: “Oh, that’s kind of a long list because I feel like everything that we did was learning something new. I learned a lot about how software development works, and I learned a lot about how game development works in general. I learned a lot about clients, servers, and how they work together – I knew some of the things I needed for the internship, but some things were a little bit new for me. I learned about databases. I also learned about finding bugs, methods to organize your tasks, and reporting the bugs– I could go on for a while when I think about everything I learned. My experience with the Wargaming Forge program will definitely help me in my career in the future”.

Daniel: “Absolutely! Everything, I learned for 3D Art was very valuable. I learned and gained skills from modelling to the whole pipeline and workflow. Every day was a new day with learning opportunities, and I was able to practice speaking English, which was another thing that was great. I started learning the language, and I’m probably getting better with my English- so every day brought valuable knowledge here.”

Is Wargaming Forge a useful program? Will you recommend it to others?

Allison: “Yeah, definitely. I feel like I have learned a lot here. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Wargaming. I hope that I can use some of these skills to maybe continue at Wargaming and, if not, then I think that I can definitely use them to find something similar somewhere else, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to join the gamedev industry.”

Daniel: “One hundred percent yes. If I knew someone who would be a good fit for the program, I would definitely recommend they join.”

What do you wish for our future interns?

Allison: “I want them just to have fun with it, try to learn as much as they can, and to not be afraid to ask for help because all of the mentors have been really helpful when I needed assistance, so that has been great.”

Daniel: “I hope that they also experience the same program we did. I want future interns to get together with this kind of amazing team where they are treated as part of the team, and not just interns. I want them to learn and hopefully will be part of the industry, as professionals.”

We wish our interns the best of luck with this program and to take their place among our passionate and experienced. We hope they bring out the best in themselves at Wargaming!

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Good luck!